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Urgent buy-out

We are ready to pay up to 90% of the market value!

Stages of urgent buy-out:

  1. Initial evaluation of the flat on the phone;
  2. Inspection of the flat;
  3. Legal examination of the provided documents (2-3 working days);
  4. The signing of the sale and purchase agreement on the flat;
  5. State registration (5 days);
  6. Obtaining money by the Seller or their acquisition of a flat in a new building (Trade-IN).

We guarantee:

  • advance on the same day;
  • efficiency of performance: you get the money within 5 days after signing the contract;
  • transparency of the transaction;
  • repayment of debt.

The following documents are required to sell your apartment:

  • Passport of the Russian Federation;
  • Entitlement documents;
  • From BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory): cadastral passport, floor plan, explication (if the apartment has been owned for more than 5 years);
  • An extract from the house register;
  • Certificate from the operating organization confirming the absence of debts (or a united housing document);
  • Certificates from ND (drug abuse clinic) and HDPE (mental hospital) that the owner is not registered and has no contraindications to real estate transactions.
NDV Real Estate

For 16 years of its work NDV Real Estate was repeatedly considered the best company at the real estate market. As per the results of 2015 the company NDV Real Estate was named Brand 1 in Russia, as well it got the prize Market records in the category Realtor 1 for the fifth time. From year to year the objects of the company get prestigious prizes of Moscow business club, besides, the projects represented by NDV Real Estate were repeatedly awarded TREFI prizes. According to results of 2011 NDV Real Estate hit top 10 of the European rating of marketing strategies efficiency EFFIE Worldwide.


Alexander Khrustalev, CEO, was awarded the URBAN AWARDS prize as the Person of the Year in 2011. In 2012 he received PERSON OF THE YEAR RBC International Award in the nomination 'Manager in Real Estate Field' for the professional company management and weighty contribution to the real estate market formation.