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New buildings


Picture Name Nearest tube station/highway Address Deadline Price, rub/m²
Md. Krasnogorsky
Volokolamskoe HWY
(15 km from MKAD)
Nakhabino village Keys outgiving 54 500
Botanical Garden
(5 min on foot)
Moscow, pr-d. Serebryakova Str. 11-13 IV quarter of 2018 142 000
Md. Gorod
10 min by mass transport
800-letiya Moskvy street II quarter of 2018 117 000
Md. Krasnogorsky
(2 km from MKAD)
Ul. Ugreshskaya IV quarter of 2018 67 000
RC Leningradsky
Leningradskoe HWY
(4 km from MKAD)
9 Maya street, near md. 8 III quarter of 2017 84 500
Md. Mytishchi Lite
Ostashkovskoe HWY
(6 km from MKAD)
Mytishchi, Ostashkovskoe HWY Keys outgiving 55 000
RC New Butovo
15 min on foot Bunin alley Keys outgiving 78 500
RC Jubilee
(10 min on foot)
Reutov Str. Academician Chelomey I quarter of 2019 79 000
Md. Mytishchi Lite
(10 min by mass transport)
Dmitrovskoe shosse, MD. 9 IV quarter of 2018 136 500
Md. Mytishchi Lite
(10 min by mass transport)
Ul. Deguninskaya, 10 IV quarter of 2017 136 500
Md. Novokosino-2
Nosovihinskoe HWY
(2 km from MKAD)
Tchelomeya street, md. 10 Keys outgiving 83 000
Md. Skazka
Novorizhskoe HWY
17 min by public transport
Pavlovskaya Sloboda
Krasnaya street, 9
IV quarter of 2017 81 000
RC Lefort
10 min. on foot
Reutov Str. Academician Chelomey IV quarter of 2019 106 000
Ugo-zapadnaya tube station
5 min on foot
Ozernaya street, 7 Commissioned 157 000
RC Lefort
5 min by mass transport
Soldatsky alleway, 26 Keys outgiving 213 000
RC Lefort
Ilyich's square
5 minutes. On foot
Ul. Zolotorozhsky Val, house 16 III quarter of 2017 158 000
RC Lefort
8 minutes by transport
Khimki, Molodezhnaya, 9 III quarter of 2017 81 000
Preobrazhenskaya ploshad tube station
2 min on foot
Hromova street, 3 The house is built 160 000
RC. «Novokosino»
Novokosyno tube station
5 min on foot
Novovihinskoe HWY, 25V Keys outgiving 127 000
RC Mosfilmovsky
Universitet tube station
10 min by public transport
Mosfilmovskaya street Keys outgiving 232 000
Md. Skazka
Pyatnitskoe highway
15 min by transport
PGT Andreevka IV quarter of 2017 45 000
Md. Skazka
6 min transport
ul 2-ya Sinichkina, VL. 1 on sale soon 135 000
Md. Skazka
7 min on foot
Broshevsky per. VL. 6, p.1 Keys outgiving 295 000
RC Romashkovo
Mozhayskoe HWY
(3 km from MKAD)
Nemchinovka, Rublevskiy driveway, 40 Proprietary 71 500
Md. Skazka
Buninskaya alley
10 min on foot
Academician Pontryagin street Start of sales! 97 000
Md. Megapolis
Novokosino tube station
5 min on foot
Saltykovskaya street, 8 On sale soon 115 000
NDV Real Estate

For 16 years of its work NDV Real Estate was repeatedly considered the best company at the real estate market. As per the results of 2015 the company NDV Real Estate was named Brand 1 in Russia, as well it got the prize Market records in the category Realtor 1 for the fifth time. From year to year the objects of the company get prestigious prizes of Moscow business club, besides, the projects represented by NDV Real Estate were repeatedly awarded TREFI prizes. According to results of 2011 NDV Real Estate hit top 10 of the European rating of marketing strategies efficiency EFFIE Worldwide.


Alexander Khrustalev, CEO, was awarded the URBAN AWARDS prize as the Person of the Year in 2011. In 2012 he received PERSON OF THE YEAR RBC International Award in the nomination 'Manager in Real Estate Field' for the professional company management and weighty contribution to the real estate market formation.